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About Us

Renewal coven is a coven of The Path of Light, or the Path, a secular pre-Gardnerian tradition of Witchcraft. The Path focuses on developing and using our skills to help others and to create a better world in real and tangible ways. The demands the Path places on its practitioners mean that it is not suitable for everyone, but he who says mine is the only way is surely not among the Wise.

Our coven is called Renewal because each of our founding members has undergone a spiritual and life altering renewal in coming to the Path. We have renewed our understandings, renewed our way to learn and to interact with the world and renewed for ourselves who we are and who we wish to be as well as the life path we have before us.

Renewal coven is at this time made of the combination of 2 circles; the receptive, sometimes called the women's, circle and the projective, sometimes called the men's circle.

The receptive circle is called Serenity because its founding members have focused on the need to be still and calm in a world of chaos and the importance of holding that space.

The projective circle is called Firefly because its founding members have been learning the importance that even a small light brings in the darkness.

Yes, it is also because we are all big geeks.