About Renewal Coven


There are some costs that will come up for a student as they progress on Path of Light, some of these are materials that are used in the lessons they are taught, others are materials they will need to purchase to continue their own practises and studies. There are no charges or costs for the time of the teacher or the lessons themselves, only the materials that are used in them at times.

While neither Renewal coven or its' teachers charge for lessons within the coven context any rituals, workshops or classes held outside the coven context that are open to the public would be charged to coven member exactly the same as any other member of the public.

Additionally we ask that anyone coming to rituals as a Questioner, a member of the coven or a regular guest contribute a small amount on a regular basis to a group fund for ritual materials such as altar cloths, incense, candles and other miscellaneous items used in the Esbats and Sabbats.

We do not ask for cash and specifically will not take cash for these things, this group fund is held in the form of gift cards by the local metaphysics supply shop, The Wandering Owl. There is not a mandated amount, we ask those coming to our rituals to put in what they can and feel is fair.