About the Path


Choosing to walk Path of Light binds a student, and later the practitioner, to a number of obligations in their behaviour.

This list represent the obligations a Seeker takes on with the Path; it is important to note that each of these is a lesson or more on its own in order to truly understand it and has a depth of meaning that goes beyond a literal reading of the words.

To Follow the Law
This means that we are obliged to try to follow the law of the Wise in all we do as far as possible in all aspects of our lives. Speak no untruth, do none harm, treat all with respect, then beyond these do according to our will. We are imperfect and we will sometimes fail in this but our obligation here is to try.

To keep the cycle of the Seasons
For those of the Path it means keeping the Esbats and the Sabbats in a manner consistent with the spiritual ancestors of our tradition.

To render aid to those that come to us
Within the limits of the Law we are obliged to help anyone who asks us for help. This does not mean being a door mat. This means giving people what they need not necessarily what they want. The caveat all students learn here is "To each as they need from each as they are able".

To aid those of the Wise without their need to ask
To be one of the Wise is to never be alone. Should one of the Wise need help it must be given, within the limits of the Law, without their need to even ask us for it.