Services we offer

Renewal coven is available to offer a number of services to the wider community, donations are gratefully accepted but we do not set a pricing on what we do but rather allow people to offer what they feel is a fair and balanced reciprocity to us.

The services we are able to offer are:

**A note on marriages and handfastings. As one might expect with any ritual there is a large amount of consultation that goes into preparing a ritual that is right for the people involved and that will involve getting to know you as people as well as the spirits and deities with whom you are connected. When that ritual is a handfasting or marriage we will also want to get to know you both as a couple. Joining with someone is a sacred and meaningful thing and before we can be party to it as officiants we need to know that the people involved are on the same page and fully consenting. We aren’t therapists or counselors so it is not really couples counseling but more a few pastoral guidance meetings as a couple before we can consent to officiate for a wedding or handfasting; in quite a similar fashion as the Catholic church approaches marriage as a sacrament.

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