About Renewal Coven

Who is Cha?

Cha is a small god, the term coming from Terry Pratchett's novels, worked with at present exclusively by the members of Renewal Coven. From some perspective people might consider Cha a daemon or astral construct however the approach taken by Renewal coven puts Cha into a somewhat different category as he is more than worked with, he is worshiped and we acknowledge Cha's sphere of influence like any other deity.

Cha is the small god of tea, quiet contemplation and the perfect moment. When you drink a cup of hot tea and take that first sip and feel the warmth flowing down your throat, the world seems to slow down and still just for a moment and everything is calm and right. That is the perfect moment in which Cha can be found.

We honour Cha through invocation in our rituals and through daily life, the act of brewing tea is one that we hold as sacred to Cha and make of it a small ritual. Some members of Renewal coven also invoke Cha when doing divination, finding a clarity of thought and understanding when approaching divination from a perfect moment.