About Renewal Coven

Expectations of a student

All potential Seekers need to undergo a full Questioner cycle. As a Questioner you are expected to attend all Sabbats (9 per year) and all Esbats (usually 13 in a year). Exceptions can be made on a very limited ad-hoc basis for an Esbat or Sabbat if life circumstances prevent attendance. The Esbats consist of the outer court classes and then ritual.

A Questioner is expected to keep what the specifics of what they learn about the tradition and the lessons confidential although it is encouraged for them to look critically at the interactions and working of the coven itself.

A Questioner is also expected to hold themselves to the best of their ability to the Law.

After 12 months a Questioner needs to ask to take the Seeker Oath (the expectations and further understanding of what is involved both in the Oath and the Seeker cycle is developed across the lessons of the 12 month Questioner cycle) or choose to walk a different direction.

This does not mean that a Questioner is obligated or committed to completing a full 12 month cycle and often times it will become apparent to their teacher, themselves or both if a different tradition is better suited to them and the Coven Elders are happy to be of guidance in helping a student find a reputable and suitable teacher in that tradition.