Wiccan inspired Neo Pagan

Throughout this site we have used the term Wiccan inspired Neo-Paganism. This is the way we describe the collection of practise often called Eclectic Wicca or (incorrectly) as Wicca by most people.

Wicca, which in the US is often called BTW or British Traditional Witchcraft, is a very specific subset of Pagan traditions, they are initiatory and lineaged. Much of what people learn by attending open classes or self directed learning is inspired by the outer court publishing's of Wicca but it is not actually the faith of Wicca itself.

Without judgement on the value of one tradition over another we insist on correctness in definition and speech with our students.

Wicca is a valuable tradition, there are many valuable traditions that have come out of the Wiccan inspired works; one is not better than the other but they are not the same thing and so we seek to remain clear in our meanings.